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Does your Great Lakes beach or park have official, universal warning signage to help keep your visitors safe?

Piloted at all 43 Michigan coastal state parks, these warning signs are updated for all eight Great Lakes states and Ontario. Featuring many types of dangerous currents, the 12” x 18” signs are made of high-quality, reflective, fade-resistant aluminum, and are easy to install.  Signs also feature a QR code for instant access to up-to-the-minute beach hazard warnings from the National Weather Service.

“The signs really do work. I actually read one before a day at the beach, after we had recently moved here. The surf was rough and I was struggling in a rip current; I probably shouldn’t have been swimming that day but there were no flags out. I remembered the information, relaxed, flipped over on my back, and swam parallel to the shore until I freed myself from the current.”
– Bob Lukens, Visit Muskegon

Signs are only $15 each, plus shipping (1 sign = $15, 2-3 signs = $20, 4+ signs = $5 per sign) anywhere in the Great Lakes states. Ontario shipping costs may vary. 

Browse here and fill out the form to let us know what you're interested in. We're happy to advise you on the proper sign(s) and placement for your beach. Then you may pay via our secure Donation Page or by check. Tax free and tax deductible. 

Although we don’t currently offer water safety rescue equipment directly, our experts have prepared recommendations for what every beach should have here.

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