A Few Things Everyone Should Know

Drowning doesn’t look like drowning.

It’s not all splashing, waving & yelling as Hollywood portrays it. Drowning is often subtle, silent & swift. Know the signs. 


Did you think they were only in the ocean?

Rip currents have always been in the Great Lakes, and they can be more dangerous because the escape time between waves is often less than in the ocean. Learn about all dangerous currents here and here

Flip, Float & Follow. 

Know it like you know Stop, Drop & Roll.


Males overestimate their ability.

Males drown way more than females. 


Lifeguards save lives.

And they cost less than rescue teams and search helicopters. A lot less. 


Steer clear of the pier.

Structural currents take nearly as many lives as classic rip currents. 

Life jackets are cool. 

Drowning? Not so much. Navy Seals are the best swimmers in the world and they wear them. You don't put your seat belt or bike helmet on as you're crashing. Don't just bring it...