Interested in joining us?

You can be a member for free and we'll keep you informed of our progress. If you want really to help make a difference in water safety, join one or more of our volunteer Action Committees that might be right for you:

  • NEW! Boating & Paddling – Chair TBD

    • Focusing on enthusiasts like boaters, kayakers, and SUPers, this team wants to help them safely enjoy the water.

  • Messaging & Media – Jamie Racklyeft, Chair

    • Getting the word out to millions of people every way we can, so they know what we know about water safety. Know anybody who needs to know more?

  • Education & Training – Leslie Dorworth, Chair

    • Beyond informing, education is key to safer days at the lake. We have resources and we know people. Be one of them.

  • Beach Warnings & Rescue Equipment – Susan Och, Chair

    • Warning signage works. So do lifejackets. We have a list of what every beach should have and you can help it grow.

  • Rapid Response Playbook – Megan Dodson, Chair

    • Know what to do when a drowning tragedy occurs in your town? Know how to prevent one in the first place? This team is putting together a vital resource. Join them.

  • Lifeguarding – Adam Abajian, Chair

    • Dispelling myths, advocating, collecting & disseminating best practices, and more. Be a part of this impressive team of lifesavers.

  • Data & Metrics – Megan Dodson, Chair

    • Gathering, reporting & illustrating data about dangerous waves, currents, & conditions to enhance prediction models and warnings. Love numbers?

  • Awards & Recognition – Caty Simcek, Chair

    • There are heroes among us and this team is looking to recognize them publicly for all they do. Want to help find good news stories?

  • Finance & Fundraising – Dan Metcalfe, Interim Chair

    • All the things we do cost money and this team looks to connect us with those who want to support our lifesaving work. Interested in helping us thrive?

  • Conference & Event Planning – Chair TBD

    • We typically hold one or two big conferences a year, and have some cool ideas for smaller, pop-up events. Love live events?

  • NEW! Design & Innovation – Chair TBD

    • As we focus on water safety fundamentals above, we also look for new ideas for keeping people safe, like drones and LEDs. Sound cool?

Let us know what you’re most interested in here, even if it is just joining and receiving our communications for now.

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Board of Directors

Jamie Racklyeft, President
Megan Dodson, Secretary
Rula Karapatsakis, Treasurer
Jesse Schomberg, Board Member
Bob Dukesherer, Board Member

Media and other inquiries:   |   734.358.8982
P.O. Box 130861   |   Ann Arbor, MI 48113