Interested in helping us #EndDrowning in the Great Lakes?

Nearly 600 people have drowned in the Great Lakes since 2010, and drownings were up 78% in 2016.

The Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium has more than 300 experts and advocates who understand why and have a plan, but we need your help. 

Please donate whatever you can, and keep in mind that whether you donate $5 or $5,000, your donation will go to things like:

  • Helping gather and report scientific data
  • Helping place digital ads with lifesaving water safety messages on social media
  • Helping print more water safety brochures
  • Helping distribute water safety materials around the Great Lakes
  • Helping communities respond after a drowning tragedy
  • Helping provide beach signage with water safety messages
  • Helping provide rescue equipment at beaches around the Great Lakes
  • Helping provide expert education & training in schools around the Great Lakes
  • Helping put lifeguards back on public beaches
  • Helping provide the latest water rescue drones to shoreline communities
  • Helping purchase a "Splash Truck" to display at public events with lifesaving info, resources, and activities

Interested in helping?

We are using PayPal's secure payment service to collect donations. The GLWSC is a registered nonprofit 501c3 organization (Tax ID# 81-2812105). Donations are tax deductible, so please, donate now. Here's our full donation request letter explaining why we need your help and how your donation will help END DROWNING.